Canine Health

He’s your companion, your friend and your playmate. LifeVantage® Canine Health is a supplement formulated to preserve your relationship with the dog or dogs you love.

Quality Of Life For Man’s Best Friend

LifeVantage’s laser focus on the fight against cellular stress has benefitted humans all over the world. Now, we have developed Canine Health, a daily supplement specifically formulated for dogs using Nrf2 activating ingredients, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids.

Reducing cellular stress in dogs may help the problems associated with normal aging in canines—decreased social interaction, loss of prior house-training, sleep disturbance and decreased mobility.

The combined active ingredients in LifeVantage Canine Health may provide dogs with the opportunity to be more active and involved in everyday life and family activities.

- Reduce cellular stress

- Support brain, skin and eye functions

- Support normal joint function, mobility and flexibility

- Support cognitive functionSupport cognitive function